League positions at 17th October (NB Turkish Delight v Clumber Inn Crowd not played
due to no questions supplied.  To be re-arranged) 
Cobblers                   6       365
Silver Clumber         6       303
Turkish Delight        6        274   (1 game owing)
Clumber Inn Crowd 6        271    (1 game owing)
Galway                      4        305
Eyre Arms                 4        302
Cobwell A                 4         289
Brick and Tile           2         289
Black Boy                 0         270
Alberto's                   0         238

Week 1         19th Sept 2018

Eyre Arms                  83    v Cobwell A   59

Clumber Inn Crowd  86  v Brick & Tile  69

Turkish Delight           95   v Galway         72

Black Boy                    72     v Silver Clumber  80

Cobblers                     102    v Alberto's   60                               

Week 3             3rd October

Eyre Arms          86      v  Galway          74

Brick and Tile     77     v Silver Clumber  81

Cobwell A           92      v  Alberto's    61

Clumber Inn Crowd  96 v Cobblers  80

Turkish Delight      93   v Black Boy       65                                  

Week 5      17th October

Silver Clumber 85 v Eyre Arms  70

Alberto's        56   v Galway     76

Cobblers          91   v Brick and Tile  69

Black Boy        70   v Cobwell A   72

Turkish Delight    0 v Clumber Inn Crowd     0  ( No game)

Week 7            31st October

Cobblers                  v  Eyre Arms

Black Boy                v  Alberto's

Turkish Delight       v  Silver Clumber

Clumber Inn Crowd v Galway

Brick and Tile            v Cobwell A                                            

Week 9      14th November
K/O Cup Quarters
Silver Clumber     v   Galway
Black Boy              v   Cobwell A
Brick and Tile        v Clumber Inn Crowd
Eyre Arms               v  Cobblers


Week 11                 28th November

Clumber Inn Crowd   v Eyre Arms

Turkish Delight           v Cobwell A

Black Boy                     v Brick and Tile 

Cobblers                       v Galway

Alberto's                       v Silver Clumber                                

Week 13              13th December

Christmas Fun Quiz, Buffet, Raffle At Cobwell



Week 15           16th January

Eyre Arms                  v   Brick and Tile

Cobwell A                   v   Galway

Clumber Inn Crowd  v Silver Clumber

Turkish Delight           v Alberto's

Black Boy                    v Cobblers                                            

Week 17     30th January

To be drawn


Week 19            13th February

Alberto's                 v Eyre Arms

Cobblers                  v  Silver Clumber

Black Boy                v Galway

Turkish Delight       v Brick and Tile 

Clumber Inn Crowd  v Cobwell A                                         

Week 21              28th February

To be drawn    


Week 23           13th March

Eyre Arms       v Turkish Delight

Black Boy        v Clumber Inn Crowd

Cobblers           v Cobwell A

Alberto's           v Brick and Tile

Silver Clumber  v Galway                                                 

    Week 25   27thMarch

Semi Finals of Shield

To be drawn        



 10th April  Presentation Night

Cobwell Club 8.30pm

Friendly Quiz, Raffle, Buffet

Week 2          26th September 2018

Brick and Tile   74  v Eyre Arms   63

Galway              83    v Cobwell A   66

Silver Clumber   57  v    Clumber Inn Crowd   89

Alberto's              61  v   Turkish Delight    86

Cobblers             92    v   Black Boy      63                      

Week 4             10th October K/O Cup Prelim

Turkish Delight  71  v Galway   80

Silver Clumber   88  v Alberto's  61


Week 6              24th October

Eyre Arms       v  Alberto's

Silver Clumber v Cobblers

Galway              v Black Boy

Brick and Tile    v  Turkish Delight

Cobwell A           v Clumber Inn Crowd                    

Week 8                   7th November

Eyre Arms     v Black Boy

Cobblers         v Turkish Delight

Alberto's          v Clumber Inn Crowd

Silver Clumber  v Cobwell A

Galway               v Brick and Tile                             

Week 10            21st November

Turkish Delight           v Eyre Arms

Clumber Inn Crowd   v Black Boy

Cobwell A                     v Cobblers

Brick and Tile              v Alberto's

Galway                          v Silver Clumber       

Week 12        5h December

K/O Cup semi finals 

To be drawn


Week 14                    9th January

Cobwell A           v Eyre Arms

Brick and Tile    v Clumber Inn Crowd

Galway                v Turkish Delight

Silver Clumber    v Black Boy

Alberto's               v Cobblers                                     

Week 16              23rd January

Galway               v Eyre Arms

Silver Clumber v Brick and Tile 

Alberto's            v Cobwell A

Cobblers             v Clumber Inn Crowd

Black Boy            v Turkish Delight                                              

Week 18             6th February

Eyre Arms               v Silver Clumber

Galway                      v Alberto's

Brick and Tile           v  Cobblers

Cobwell A                   v Black Boy

Clumber Inn Crowd   v Turkish Delight                                        

Week 20          20th February

Eyre Arms      v Cobblers

Alberto's          v Black Boy

Silver Clumber  v Turkish Delight

Galway              v Clumber Inn Crowd

Cobwell A         v Brick and Tile                                       

Week 22             6th March

Black Boy                 v Eyre Arms

Turkish Delight         v Cobblers

Clumber Inn Crowd   v Alberto's

Cobwell A                     v Silver Clumber

Brick and Tile             v  Galway                                                  

Week 24                     20thMarch

Eyre Arms         v Clumber Inn Crowd

Cobwell A           v Turkish Delight

Brick and Tile   v Black Boy

Galway               v Cobblers

Silver Clumber  v Alberto's                                   

Week 26            3rd April

Cup Finals Night

at neutral venues to be decided

K/O Cup    

Shield Trophy    


AGM Wednesday 17thApril 8.00pm