League Table at 4 Oct
Blacksmiths           6     298
Turkish Delight      6     253
Brick & Tile             4     236
Silver Birches         4     235
Cobwell                   4     218
Galway                    2      235
 Birches                   2      224 
Eyre Arms               2      206
Turks Head             0      217
Packet                     0      179

Week 1          20th Sept

Packet 51 v Turkish Delight  95

Cobwell  76 v Eyre Arms  68

Galway 84 v Brick and Tile 86

Birches 66 v Blacksmiths 101

Turks Head 76 v Silver Birches  89                       

Week 3             4th October

Packet            66    v Eyre Arms   74

Brick and Tile  71 v Turkish Delight  77

Blacksmiths      99 v Cobwell    69                    

Silver Birches   77 V Galway   73

Turks Head       77 v Birches     84                                    

Week 5      18th October

Packet v Blacksmiths

Brick and Tile v Silver Birches

Turks Head v Eyre Arms

Birches v Turkish Delight

Galway v Cobwell                                                                       

Week 7            1st November

Galway v Packet

Cobwell v Birches

Turks Head v Turkish Delight

Silver Birches v Eyre Arms

Blacksmiths v Brick and Tile                                                    

 Week 9      15th November
K/O Cup Quarters
To be drawn


Week 11                 29th November

Packet v Silver Birches

Turks Head v Blacksmiths

Birches v Brick and Tile

Galway v Eyre Arms

Turkish Delight v Cobwell                                                     

Week 13              13th December

Christmas Fun Quiz

At Cobwell



Week 15           17th January

Packet v Birches

Galway v Turks Head

Silver Birches v Cobwell

Blacksmiths v Turkish Delight

Eyre Arms v Brick and Tile                                                            

Week 17     31st January

Shield Quarter Finals

To be drawn


Week 19            14th February

Cobwell v Packet

Galway v Turkish Delight

Eyre Arms v Birches

Turks Head v Brick and Tile

Silver Birches v Blacksmiths                                                        

Week 21              28th February

Shield Semi Finals

To be drawn


Week 23           14th March

Packet v Turks Head

Birches v Silver Birches

Galway v Blacksmiths

Cobwell v Brick and Tile

Turkish Delight v Eyre Arms                          

Week 25          28th March

K/O Cup and Shield Finals Night

Neutral venues to be decided


AGM Sunday 8th April

8.00pm Brick and Tile

Week 2          27th September

Brick and Tile     79 V Packet  62

Eyre Arms            64 v Blacksmiths 98

Turkish Delight      81 v Silver Birches  69

Cobwell                    73 v Turks Head   64

Birches                    74 V Galway   78                                           

Week 4             11th October K/O Cup Prelim

Silver Birches v Turks Head

Blacksmiths v Galway


Week 6              25th October

Packet v Cobwell

Turkish Delight v Galway

Birches v Eyre Arms

Brick and Tile v Turks Head

Blacksmiths v Silver Birches                                                         

Week 8                   8th November

Birches v Packet

Turks Head v Galway

Cobwell v Silver Birches

Turkish Delight v Blacksmiths

Brick and Tile v Eyre Arms                                                     

Week 10            22nd November

Turks Head v Packet

Silver Birches v Birches

Blacksmiths v Galway

Brick and Tile v Cobwell

Eyre Arms v Turkish Delight                                          

Week 12        6th December

K/O Cup semi finals

To be drawn


Week 14                    10th January

Blacksmiths v Packet

Silver Birches v Brick and Tile

Eyre Arms v Turks Head

Turkish Delight v Birches

Cobwell v Galway                                                     

Week 16              24th January

Eyre Arms v Packet

Turkish Delight v Brick and Tile

Cobwell v Blacksmiths

Galway v Silver Birches

Birches v Turks Head                                                   

Week 18             7th February

Turkish Delight v Packet

Eyre Arms v Cobwell

Brick and Tile v Galway

Blacksmiths v Birches

Silver Birches v Turks Head                                                           

Week 20          21st February

Packet v Galway

Birches v Cobwell

Turkish Delight v Turks Head

Eyre Arms v Silver Birches

Brick and Tile v Blacksmiths                                              

Week 22             7th March

Packet v Brick and Tile

Blacksmiths v Eyre Arms

Silver Birches v Turkish Delight

Turks Head v Cobwell

Galway v Birches                                                               

Week 24                     21st March

Silver Birches v Packet

Blacksmiths v Turks Head

Brick and Tile v Birches

Eyre Arms v Galway

Cobwell v Turkish Delight                                                 

Presentation Night 4th April

Cobwell Club