League positions at 06/11/19
Cobblers                         11           524
Ship                                 10           517
Clumber Inn Crowd         9           533
Silver Clumber                 7           480
Cobwell A                         6           455
Black Boy                         6           444
Eyre Arms                         5           465
Galway                              4           468
Brick and Tile                   2           432
Alberto's                           0           428

Week 1         25th Sept 2019

Clumber Inn Crowd  83 v Silver Clumber  83

Cobblers                86    v  Galway     82

Alberto's              78      v  The Ship   82

Eyre Arms             86     v Brick and Tile   75

Black Boy              80     v Cobwell A   72


Week 3             9th October 2019

Clumber Inn Crowd 79     v  The Ship     87

Cobblers                  84       v Brick and Tile  74

Alberto's                  70        v  Cobwell A     73

Eyre Arms                70         v Black Boy      80

Galway                     79         v Silver Clumber  72


Week 5      23rd October 2019

Brick and Tile 74 v Clumber Inn Crowd 102

Cobwell A  81     v Cobblers  86

Black Boy       80    v Alberto's  70

Silver Clumber  84   v Eyre Arms  63

The Ship    89         v  Galway   79

Week 7            6th November 2019

Black Boy        73      v  Clumber Inn Crowd  91

Eyre Arms        78       v Cobblers   78

Silver Clumber  88   v  Alberto's  61

Cobwell A          74     v Galway  72

Brick and Tile    59     v The Ship  98

Week 9            20th November 2019
K/O Cup Quarter Finals

The Ship                     v Silver Clumber
Brick and Tile            v Cobwell A
Clumber Inn Crowd   v Alberto's
Eyre Arms                   v Cobblers



Week 11                4th December 2019

19umber Inn Crowd    v Cobblers

Galway                      v Alberto's

The Ship                   v Eyre Arms

Brick and Tile            v Black Boy  

Cobwell A                 v Silver Clumber      


Week 13            18th December

K/O Cup Semi Finals

To be drawn


Week 15           15th January 2020

Clumber Inn Crowd    v   Galway

Cobblers                      v  The Ship

Alberto's                      v Brick and Tile

Eyre Arms                    v  Cobwell A

Black Boy                     v Silver Clumber  


Week 17     29th January  Shield Trophy Cup Match

To be drawn


Week 19            12th February 2020

Cobwell A             v    Clumber Inn Crowd  

Black Boy             v  Cobblers

Eyre Arms           v  Alberto's   

Brick and Tile     v  Galway

Silver Clumber    v The Ship


Week 21              26th February Shield Semi-Finals

To be drawn


Week 23           11th March 2020

Clumber inn Crowd   v Alberto's

Cobblers                   v Silver Clumber

Galway                       v  Eyre Arms

The Ship                     v  Black Boy

Brick and Tile            v  Cobwell A


    Week 25   25thMarch  2020- FREE WEEK

Spare week if needed for cancelled matches



 8th April  Presentation Night

Cobwell Club 8.30pm

Friendly Quiz, Raffle, Buffet


Week 2          2nd October 2019

Galway        81        v Clumber Inn Crowd  91

The Ship       84        v Cobblers   90

Brick and Tile  79     v Alberto's  77

Cobwell A      82       v Eyre Arms  80

Silver Clumber   78  v   Black Boy      75


Week 4             16th October K/O Cup Prelim

Brick and Tile 76 v Black Boy 75

Clumber Inn Crowd 85 V Galway 84


Week 6              30th October 2019

Clumber Inn Crowd   87 v  Cobwell A  73

Cobblers       100               v  Black Boy  56

Alberto's       63              v Eyre Arms  88

Galway        75               v  Brick and Tile  71

The Ship        77            v Silver Clumber    75


Week 8                   13th November 2019

Clumber Inn Crowd  v   Eyre Arms

Cobblers                     v  Alberto's

Galway                      v  Black Boy

The Ship                      v  Cobwell A

Brick and Tile             v  Silver Clumber


Week 10            29th November

Alberto's         v Clumber Inn Crowd

Silver Clumber  v Cobblers

Eyre Arms         v  Galway

Black Boy           v  The Ship

Cobwell A          v  Brick and Tile  


Week 12      11th December 2019

Christmas Fun Quiz, Raffle, Buffet 

Cobwell  8.30pm


Week 14           8th January 2020

Silver Clumber  v Clumber Inn Crowd

Galway         v Cobblers

The Ship           v Alberto's

Brick and Tile  v  Eyre Arms

Cobwell A        v Black Boy


Week 16              22nd January 2020

The Ship               v Clumber Inn Crowd

Brick and Tile    v  Cobblers  

Cobwell A           v  Alberto's

Black Boy            v  Eyre Arms

Silver Clumber   v Galway


Week 18             5th February 2020

Clumber Inn Crowd    v Brick and Tile

Cobblers                    v  Cobwell A

Alberto's Tile               v  Black Boy

Eyre Arms                    v  Silver Clumber

Galway                    v  The Ship


Week 20         19th February 2020

Clumber Inn Crowd  v Black Boy  

Cobblers                    v  Eyre Arms               

Alberto's                    v  Silver Clumber

Galway                        v  Cobwell A   

The Ship                     V  Brick and Tile

                                                                                                       Week 22             4th March 2020

Eyre Arms          v  Clumber Inn Crowd

Alberto's            v Cobblers  

Black Boy Crowd  v Galway

Cobwell A              v The Ship

Silver Clumber  v  Brick and Tile


Week 24            18th March 2020

Cobblers      v Clumber Inn Crowd

Alberto's      v  Galway

Eyre Arms     v  The Ship

Black Boy      v Brick and Tile

Silver Clumber v  Cobwell A


Week 26           1st April 2020

Cup Finals Night

K/O Cup    Venue to be Cobwell or Clumber

Shield Trophy   Venue to be Cobwell or Clumber 


AGM Wednesday 15th April 8.00pm

Cobwell Club


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